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Covid 19

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Stop! Are you near anyone? If you are, make sure you're 1.5m away from them! That was unnecessary, but not anymore.

Covid ruined everything. No going to friends house, no eating at restaurants, no going anywhere without a mask, it’s tough. But have you looked on the bright side? I know, it’s like there is no bright side, but there are some glimmers of happiness. For example, you can catch up on books, lots of people are working at home with their families, you can have more time with your children or if you’re a child reading this you can have more time with your siblings and parents, you can do meditation and think about things, and you can sleep more.

See, there are lots of good sides, you just got to understand that there’s always a bright side. You could also start something new, like story writing or song writing. You could always practice things you need to work on. What you need to do is try to ignore the dark sides, but of course you need to know what’s happening in reality. When you know that cases and deaths are increasing try to think about all the babies being born. Sometimes life pulls you down, but you’ve got to get up again.

Now that you’ve read this, think about Covid 19. Do you see it from a different angle now? Do you see it as an opportunity to improve? If you don’t, I don’t know what else to say. Now remember: Always look at the bright side. 

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