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Let's Talk Music !

Hello. Today I’m going to tell you about the music. See how good I am at singing, la loo li ha naaaaaa. See, I sound wonderful.🤣

Music is a really good way to revive and balance. There are many different genres of music like pop, rock, jazz, metal, hip hop, reggae, electronic, techno, and country. There is always some type of music that you will like because there are so many options to choose from. I myself like rock and country music. If you're a person who wants to compose music but you don't have instruments, read on to find out what you can do.

Did you know that right now in your house it’s guaranteed that you have at least two instruments that you might not even be able to see! Well, try this. Take a cup and pour in water to fill it. Take another cup the same size and pour in a little less water. Keep on doing this for about 5-7 cups. For the last cup don’t pour in any water. Now try making a tune by hitting the cups gently with a fork or spoon’s side, and hey presto! You can make a tune! Tip: the more water the deeper the sound and the less water or with no water the higher the pitch of the sound.

You can also use a container with nuts or something in it. Then you shake the container and it sounds like maracas. Tip: it would be best if you did not use a glass container. Finally, you could make a type of drum with just a pencil or something like a pencil. Just take the pencil and gently hit it on some items, like a tissue box, a book, a tap, etc. Tip: try not to bang with the pointed end of the pencil, just in case. Now you can try all these different tricks.

Once you've mastered the music trick/tricks you want to play, you can experiment further. You can see what happens if you have more or fewer nuts in the container for maracas, what happens if the water is hot or cold for the xylophone, or what the difference is if you use different things to drum. Explore and go deeper into this fun and share these ideas with your friends and perhaps make a band with them. Now it’s time for me to dance to some rock and country music. Bye!

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