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La la la, oh yeah. Oh, I didn’t notice you there, because I was doing my favourite hobby, reading ( and yes, reading is a hobby… at least, I think it is). 

Hobbies can be a really good way to develop your creative side, children always use their imagination, but adults, mmmm, not so much. There are some creative parents though. Anyway, when you're doing a hobby, you could either be maintaining your talent or finding one. I myself have started knitting recently, and I found I was not that bad at it, but I’m sure it would go much smoother if… sorry, I mean I still need to improve a lot is what I meant to say.

Anyway, there are lots of different hobbies you can choose from. There’s knitting, biking, cooking, composing things, reading, gardening, and so much more. Think, which one of these hobbies intrigues you? I’ll give you time to think. “Off tune whistling” Done? Great. Now, go ahead and start doing it. If you don’t have the equipment, ask your parents to order online. If they don’t have enough money to buy it, wait until they do. You might get it as a present for something. 

Anyway, I hope you have a fun time doing hobbies. It will be really useful during COVID 19. Also, if your hobby’s going to be baking, remember to give me a slice of cake.

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